Jonathon Sarah



Multidiscipline engineering, procurement and construction professional with extensive major project developement experience. Include mining processing, hot metal, blast furnaces, power stations, power transmission, chemical, food and building products.


Chief Electrical


World renouned multidiscipline engineering, procurement and construction professional. An infractructure renewal specialist with experience establishing and kicking off new technology infrastrucure projects up to 50 billion dollars.

Robert Mierisch



Internationally renouned world top ranked thermal systems innovator.




A 7th generation farmer and one of South East Asia's most renouned finite element engineers. co-generation co-infrastructure qualification.





Extensively experienced in adiabatic and fin fan cooling. co-generation and co-infrastructure, horticultural services cooling systems.




Multidiscipline designer & engineer with extensive procurement construction operations & maintenance experience. Stored energy and co-generation for horticultural CO2 feed stock.




Practically experienced in the finance and delivery of co-infrastructure, horticultural services machinery.

Advisors and Consultants

Raphael Dua



ISO panel member. Responsible for the planning and scheduling one trillion dollars worth of projects, specilising in electricity generation, airports, hospitals and defence. Raf has a 50 year relationship with RVS Industries.




One of Australia's finest risk based integrity engineers at the highest level in the industry.


HV Electrical


One of South East Australia most successful industrial high voltage engineers.



HtJune 2019, RVS Industries won major project engineering procurement and construction services.

Ht1June 2019, Proposing a new farming service facility adjacent to major project won.

Ht2February 2018, RVS Industries delivered an unsucessful tender in the Victorian Renewable Energy Auction Scheme for a 100% renewable load following power station. The proposal was to futuristic for the guidelines and had longer timelines than specified



photo1064920090502In 1882 the worlds most renowned hydrology engineers arrived in California and applied engineering design and engineering construction norms to an irrigation scheme in new ways which had never been seen before, water buffers (dams), tunnels, canals, and ten acre orchards. They set a new yard mark for farming services. Dispatches were sent around the globe. But it didn't stop there, being experienced boat builders they installed a turbine at the bottom of a high pressure water tunnel to generate electricity. Co-infrastructure was born; Hydroelectric horticulture.

Co-infrastructure states became the wealthiest on earth. But there was only enough hydrology based co-infrastructure to serve 10% of the world and climate change is seriously eroding this.

In 2005 the worlds most renowned solar thermal engineers arrived in California to build large scale solar thermal power stations applying engineering design and construction norms to electricity generation in new ways. The financial crisis hit and a new yard stick was set when the technology startup sold in the largest ever sale of its kind.

Today modern horticulture is quite different. It requires heating and cooling and CO2 and continuous low volumes of water.

In January 2018 the worlds most renowned solar thermal engineers integrated the reliability of solar and wind with Mierisch's energy buffers to create the worlds first solar/wind co-generation power station design. And by default the worlds first new co-infrastructure technology (solar/wind horticulture) in 136 years was born and unlike hydrology based co-infrastructure, Economic Engine™ co-infrastructure has capability to serve 1,000% of the world's population.