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Fabrication - RVS Industries are at the forefront of fabrication techniques. Keeping abreast of the latest developments across industry, we employ workshops which are regularly inspected for capability in their respective feilds of expertise.

Procurement - Ordering, transport and the taking delivery of plant and equipment requires business systems, discipline, diligence and attention to detail which is a hallmark of RVS Industries, the companies who work for us and with us.

Installation - Todays industry is advantaged by the rapid changes in technology and inovation which if implemented during the design phases of projects can significantly alter the expected outcomes for our clients and simplify installation.

Health, Safety and Environment - Health, safety and environmental performance are of primary importance. RVS Industries approach to health, safety and the environmental is wholistic. Design, fabrication, installation and commissioning are considered in total to obtain the best overall outcome for your project.

Construction Management

RVS Industries has 45 years of construction experience, delivering small and large projects in most states of Australia; This includes everything from day to day technical problems requiring engineering calculations and modelling, fabrication and installation, to large scale plant designed, fabricated and transported by heavy lift ship and constructed.

Scope includes construction reviews, green and brown feild management, restarting sensitive projects and project completions. RVS Industries utilise reporting and business systems approaches with proven records of success.

Project Locations

Pilbara, Kalgoorlie, Port Kembla, Thomastown, Brooklyn, Altona, Geelong, Anglesea, Reservoir, Tottenham, Sydney, Bell Bay, Fiji, Indonesia.

at rvs industries we take on the responsability of your project from concept to production


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