The Company

Established '64

RVS Industries started out manufacturing proprietary cleaning products in Brunswick, Victoria in 1964.

In 1969 the company branched out into environmental engineering and construction consultancy working closely with the EPA delivering dust collection systems to the ferrous and non ferrous metals industries and world leading fine metals recycling plant and chemical scrubbers throughout Australia.

Since 1969 the company has delivered over 1000 projects over wide ranging industries.

Over the last 20 years RVS Industries has been the principle engineering, procurement and construction contractor for the relocation and consolidation of Australian blue chip manufacting facilities including the delivery of new manufacuring facilities.

Speaking Events

'Innovation - Co-generation Co-Infrastructure'

Date: November

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Economic Engines™

Solar/wind co-generation with co-infrastructure (electrical/horticultural)

(Technologically Economic Engines™ are the solar/wind equivalent of the Three Gorges Dam and Hoover Dam electricity and irrigated horticultural schemes)


The lowest cost source of horticulture and electricity in the world is Economic Engine™ Co-Generation Co-Infrastructure..

With the invention of a primary buffer by globally recognised world leading energy systems designer Robert Mierisch and the subsequent invention of the Economic Engine™ of co-generating co-infrastructure, the world will never be the same.

10 meters by 10 meters

10 meters by 10 meters is all the land that is needed to provide the electrical and food needs of each person on earth.

Economic Engine™ DC Macro Grid Capable Technology

Economic Engines™ are designed to run DC Macro Grids. The world still has a few remaining 100 year old DC city grids, but with new power electrics the DC grid capability of today are far superior to all other technology. What most people have not noticed is that most devices in the world are already DC and that those devices which are not DC would be lower cost to buy and lower cost to run if they were also DC.

20% to 25% less energy is required to run a DC economy. DC tranmission is no loss infrastructure and low cost infrastructure, which is all now enabled by Economic Engine™ DC network capable generation technology. DC distribution is the same. DC devices have a lower cost of manufacture and have a lower operating cost.

Global Energy Industry Replacement

Economic Engines™ are designed to replace the hydroelectric, nuclear, oil, gas and coal industries with a lower cost, more economic and environmentally responsible alternative.


Presentation Venues

RVS industries are planning to present a series of seminars to professional organisations on the subjects on the emergence of Economic Engines™ and Cordell Regional Service Stations©


World Engineering Convention 2019



National 50 Year Fuel Reserves


Climate Friendly Global Resource Usage & Increased Returns


Natural Energy Systems & Primary Buffers


Practical Remediation of the Global Ecosystem