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over 50 new major brand electric cars and buses and trucks areentering the market in 2019-2020.

Regional Electric Car Infrastructure Technology

With the invention by Robert Mierisch of a primary buffer, it is now possible to roll out infrastructure to regional Australia which will make electic vehicle not only the lowest cost travel but will also delivery a new level of service not before seen in the car, truck and bus industry.

Cordell Regional Service Stations© are wind and sun power ultra low cost 24/7 luxury facilities for the travelling public.

Seminar will present on ultra cheap solar and wind powered island mode 3MW, 6MW, 9MW and 12MW on demand peaking electricity facilities designed to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for electric vehicle battery swap and rapid charging.. These facilities are now available from RVS Industries. The facilities can be installed everywhere from the South Pole to Kaltukatjara, to the suburbs of cities and on country roads and highways.


Ultra Cheap Solar & Wind Peaking Powered Service Stations 24 Hours a Day 365 Days a Year

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Cordell Regional Service Stations©

Opening up inland Australia to development

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Climate friendly global resource usage and increased returns

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Cordell Regional Service Stations©

National 50 year fuel reserves

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Economic Engines™

Module 1

Professional modelling of natural energy systems and primary buffers.

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