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Project Management

RVS Industries, With more than 100 projects delivered and a project management office with over 1000 projects planned, the RVS Industries Project Management Office has practical planning experience with small, medium, large and mega projects.


For 45 years the Company has continued to provide engineered systems and solutions. We embrace technology, new methods of fabrication and construction. Our design systems and Engineering Resources are tried and proven.


  • RVS Industries is a business orientated engineering company.
  • Our consultation principals are professional engineering: structured and reported, with clearly defined responsibility and accountability. Consultation services include:
  • Reviews (Statutes, Codes of Practice, Standards, Scope and Contract)
  • Project Development, Business Cases, Feasibility Studies, and
  • Preliminary Designs, Details Designs, Estimates and Quotes

Sound engineering solutions from first principles leading to economic outcomes.

Green feild city engineering and planning using off the shelf processes and current global engineering, construction, operation, maintenance health and safety norms.


Engineered economic solutions for global removal of reliance on rainwater.

Leading to economic global remediation of flora and fauna after 250 years of industrial revolution.


Engineered economic solutions for increased crop rotations of fruits, vegetables, nuts and grain from sea water. Removal on reliance of fresh water. Reduced emissions.


Green fields cities waste to agriculture systems. Zero CO2, near zero CH4, near zero waste stream cities engineered from first principles.

Systems design to preserve the physics, chemistry and biology of a green feilds cities ecology.


The worlds leading energy systems. 30,000 jobs every time. Engineered economic tied energy production to increased agricultural yeild.

Global distributor of RVSI-Mas, the worlds leading energy smoothing technology.


Green fields city transport systems. Zero emissions, increased mobility improved economics.

Green fields energy systems for low cost high volume space launch programmes.


Complete city planning including 'Starchitecturally' designed modular cities for populations of ten million people and above with the economic advantage of magnitude reduction in service costs and increases in natural habitat, art, sport, cultural activities and philisophy. Converging on zero input, zero output, and improved living.