R.V.S. Industries pty. ltd.

water, food, energy, infrastructure & manufacturing

Where we're from

1964 - The Sarah Family Established R.V.S. Industries Pty. Ltd., the company started as a chemical manufacturer and distributor.

1969 - The company expanded into design and construction, delivering projects to mining, manufacturing and government bodies across Australia.

1969 to Present - More than 100 projects have been delivered over 45 years; RVS Industries provides exclusive engineering services, discreet and tailored to client requirements.

What we do

RVS Industries specialise in engineered and installed solutions with attention to detail, productivity and return for our clients. We have a history of delivering projects to Australia's blue chip, small, medium and large companies. The organisation is steered by by professional engineers; Project development and design at RVS Industries is managed by the company directors with the support by RVS Industries Engineering Resources.


June 2018

RVS Industries successfully delivered a turn key production pilot plant for the CSIRO Food Sciences Division. Constructability measures, control systems and reacter design recomendations were acted upon by the CSIRO and this fast tracked project successfully delivered the production flexibility which enabled the CSIRO to achieve the productivity gains required to progress to commarcial role out after a successful taste test in six months.

February 2018

After 18 months of project development, estimating and planning, RVS Industries delivered a proposal in the Victorian Renewable Energy Auction Scheme for a $10B 100% renewable load following power station. RVS Industries worked closely with some of the worlds largest and most advanced engineering companies and power stations designers to deliver this proposal which has attracted interest for principal construction and finance.

October 2016

RVS Industries successfully merged Bostik Australia's Pre-polymer mixing production lines, including heavy lifts, switch boards, platforms and lifting equipment. RVS Industries provided comprehensive EPCM services to deliver this turn key project. Process improvements have proven successful.

December 2017

RVS Industries deliver a FEED study for waste to energy. As of June 2018 this project is awaiting final production tests and is expecting FID in late 2018. This project would add 40MW of new generation to the AEMO electricity grid.

April 2016

RVS Industries successfully deliver two new Glue Production Lines with Robotic Palletising and DG Warehouse Conveying for Bostik Australia. RVS Industries provided comprehensive engineering procurement and construction managment services for this turn key project.

September 2016

RVS Industries successfully relocated and upgraded the Bostik Thomastown powders plant including B--Double powder tanker turning and unloading, silos, new 560UB portal machine frame, automated packaging equipment, robotic palletising and additives warehouse. RVS Industries provided comprehensive EPCM services to Bostik Australia for this project which was delivered under budget and ahead of schedule, with process improvements which proved successful.